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High Deductible Plan G

High Deductible Plan G is a great alternative to the standard version. The only difference is that the high deductible version comes with (you guessed it!) a high deductible that the member must pay before the coverage benefits begin. The higher deductible version has the benefit of lower monthly premiums.

Coverage Details​


Like the other supplement plans, the goal of Plan G is to fill in the gaps left by Original Medicare. Medigap Plan G is nearly identical to Medigap Plan F, except it does not pay the Part B deductible. Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in High Deductible Plan G will only pay the plan’s premium and deductible and the $203 Part B deductible.


Who is best-suited for High Deductible Plan G?

This plan is great for Medicare beneficiaries who need a lower monthly premium but are still comfortable with paying a high deductible. Individuals who only see the doctor infrequently, live in states that allow Part B excess charges, and like to travel outside of the United States are well-suited for High Deductible Plan G.

High Deductible Plan G Pros

This high deductible plan is one of the most comprehensive plans out of all Medigap plans, just like standard Plan G. Because of the higher deductibles, Also, with this plan, you have the opportunity to avoid higher monthly premiums because of the higher deductible. Benefits provided by High Deductible Plan G are similar to the benefits of Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F and standard Plan F, as well. If you became eligible for Medicare after the plan’s cutoff date in 2020, consider this High deductible Plan G as it is a very good alternative.

High Deductible Plan G Cons

The benefit of the lower premium due to a higher deductible can be a con, depending on what works for you. The deductible is already pricey for many, and it is important to mention that the amount of the deductible itself tends to rise over time. This means that your possible out-of-pocket costs will probably go up as you get older. Finally, if you decide to change plan providers,  your deductible doesn’t transfer to other carriers.

Medigap High Deductible Plan G Premiums

Individual premiums will vary based on which state the individual is seeking coverage in, which carrier they’re purchasing from, and also individual factors like gender, age, tobacco use, and a few other details. The average cost for High Deductible Plan G ranges from $40-$90 each month. In general, Plan G premiums are higher in states who have a higher cost of living.

Comparing High Deductible Plan G and High Deductible Plan F

There are a few minor differences in these two plans. As far as coverage goes, the only difference is that Plan F pays the annual Part D deductible. That being said, the deductible that an individual pays towards the Plan G version also goes towards meeting the Part B deductible, which is less than the plan’s deductible. Because of that, these two plans are even more similar.

Otherwise, the differences are just between the premiums and eligibility. The premiums for the Plan G version are less than for the Plan F version. Also, Medicare beneficiaries who turn 65 after January 1, 2020 are not eligible for either the standard version of Plan F or the high deductible option.

The Deductible of High Deductible Plan G

In 2023, the deductible for this plan will be $2700. Beneficiaries will pay this amount out-of-pocket before the plan’s benefits begin.

Guaranteed Issue Rights for High Deductible Plan G

If you are eligible for guaranteed issue rights because you are in your open enrollment period or meet one of the other requirements, you will be eligible to enroll in High Deductible Plan G.

Enrolling in Medigap Plan F

Individuals can enroll in Plan F as long as they have already enrolled in Original Medicare – Parts A and B. The best time to enroll is during your open enrollment period, which begins on your Part B effective date. Beneficiaries will have six months from that day to enroll in a plan with guaranteed issue rights. After that time frame, enrollment may be declined based on an individual’s health history.

How to Compare


There is a lot of information about each plan online, but to get an accurate quote, you’ll need to enlist the help of a licensed Medicare agent. Instead of calling each insurance carrier to get a quote, we can compare premiums across many different carriers, ensuring that you enroll with one that gives you the best rate.

We’ll need to collect some information from you in order to provide quotes since your premium is based on your information and health history, but our services come at no additional cost to you! If you choose to enroll in a Medigap plan through our agency, we also offer unlimited support. If you have problems with your coverage or have questions about how your plan works, we will be here to help.


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Many insurance carriers offer High Deductible Plan G as a Medicare supplement option. Each carrier may offer different plans in different states. No matter which carrier you enroll with, the plan’s benefits remain the same. The only difference will be the premium.

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The only difference in coverage is the deductible that comes with the first plan. The high deductible version will also have lower monthly premiums.

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Obviously, the downside of this plan is the high deductible. For that reason, it’s not for everyone. However, those who wish to lower their monthly premiums without sacrificing other areas of coverage will find this plan very beneficial.

This plan often appeals to individuals who are coming off of an employer’s coverage that also had a high deductible. As long as you have some money set aside for the deductible, this plan is a great option.

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